Monday, November 12, 2012

The Promise

Writing poems has been my outlet for expressing my thoughts and feelings. As a frustrated poet that I am, I occasionally write poems whenever I have time. So let me share this to all of you. I made it months ago.

I can't fathom this feeling 
Im like someone who's plummeting 
My heart is excruciating so bad 
As if it was tormented apart 

I scream, run and hide 
Leave everything I got behind 
Im yearning to be happy 
But all I've got was misery 
Suddenly my tears were gushing 
Like the rain that keeps on falling 
Realization just hits me 
Can someone takes away this melancholy? 

Then I looked out and I see 
A stranger standing in front of me 
He showed me how much he care 
Pledged that he will always be there 
His promises, Im still holding 
Even it means years of waiting 
But where is the man now? 
Did he forgotten his silent vow?

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