Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Review: The River by Jeff Tucker

A black and white cat, Pokey, comes to visit Farmer Jeffries Corn Farm, she meets Sparky, a red haired young pig that needs glasses. Sparky, having just been rescued from the farm that was loading a truck for you know where, has a new friend in Pokey. Then, Bill, a white duck is flying by and sees fresh corn in a bag by the barn, stops to sneak a few kernels, and meets Pokey and Sparky. Jumper, 
a brown cottontail rabbit had been released a few days earlier from a trap by Farmer Jeffries. Jumper shows up looking for a safe home. The four friends meet new friends throughout their Adventures, many also end up living on the farm.

My Thoughts: 
Are you a pet lover? If YES, then this book is definitely FOR YOU! 

I finished reading this book in less than an hour. I really enjoyed it. It was a quick read,indeed. I wanna commend Mr. Tucker for his creativeness and wild imagination. I love the characters, especially Pokey (who reminds me of our cat, Mings) for her wittiness. I couldn't stop my giggles whenever the characters have humorous comebacks to each other. I admired their friendships coz despite their differences,they remain intact and found comfort in each others company.

SELFLESSNESS, TRUST, COURAGE, FAITH, LOVE and CAMARADERIE are some of the values I learned upon reading it. Yes, it might be like an ordinary book and that but dude you'll  get something from it! 

I would definitely recommend this for the young ones and young at heart.


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